Team Inbox

Support Mangtaa shared inbox enables your team to collaborate and resolve issues without getting in each other’s way.

Every request sent to your support email becomes a ticket in your desk.
You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your team.


Service Level Agreements

Set, manage, and meet customer expectations by setting up service level agreements (SLAs) for support. With Support Mangtaa, you can define ticket priorities and requirements for resolution times so your agents know exactly which issues to address first and how quickly the customer expects a response. Every ticket in Support Mangtaa follows your SLA policy and the ‘due by’ time is driven by their priority. And when a ticket becomes overdue, your Support Mangtaa will make sure that the agent is notified of it.

Getting things done faster

  • Canned Responses
    Stop wasting time writing the same replies again and again. Ensure quick consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.
  • Suggested Solutions
    Support Mangtaa automatically provides you with smart suggestions of possible solutions right next to the ticket, based on keywords in the ticket's description.
  • Bulk Actions
    Need to assign multiple tickets to the same agent? With bulk actions, things like categorizing, assigning or deleting a hundred tickets just take a few clicks.

Email Ticketing

Each Support Mangtaa account can have an unlimited number of mailboxes, allowing you to access and manage all of your support emails in one place. Every ticket that comes in to your Support Mangtaa can be prioritized, categorized, and assigned automatically.
Agents can collaborate on a particular issue using private notes. They can also prevent multiple agents from replying to the same query, using agent collision detection.

Integrated Phone Support

Forget upfront costs or hardware installations.
Support Mangtaa lets you set up a dedicated call center on the cloud instantly.

Just purchase a phone number of your choice,
Starting at $1/month, and get everything else including automatic call recording, IVR support, and agent transfers for free.

Live Chat

Assist visitors on your website, your support portal or even inside your mobile apps with Livechat. The Livechat feature, lets you put a chat box anywhere you want to enable real-time conversations with customers right when they need help.
You can even strike up conversations with your customers and engage with them proactively.

Facebook Integration

Start engaging with your customers on Facebook by bringing your knowledge base and forums to your Facebook fans with the Facebook Page tab.
This way, your customers don't have to leave their favorite social network to get solutions to their issues and you can also keep track of your wall posts and direct messages,
right from your helpdesk. You can even convert the posts on your brand page and your direct messages into tickets, automatically.
All subsequent comments and wall posts from the same requester will also get attached to the right ticket automatically as notes.

Twitter Integration

Stop searching Twitter manually, trying to keep up with mentions about your brand.
Instead, configure Support Mangtaa to find all the tweets that are relevant to your business, and convert the right ones automatically into tickets for your team to work on.
That way, you can make sure actual support requests go directly to your support team, while you still get to monitor important keywords, competitors, and trends without leaving your Support Mangtaa.

Helpdesk Gamification

No matter how much your support reps love helping customers, doing the same things again and again can get boring quickly. Support Mangtaa adds excitement and competition to your agents' jobs by bringing in game mechanics to your desk. With the Support Mangtaa Arcade, every ticket becomes a chance to score more points as your agents compete with the rest of the team to win trophies and badges. Your employees get to have fun helping customers, your help desk becomes more productive, and your customers get serviced by happy reps. Everybody wins.

Powerful Automations

  • Automatic Ticket Dispatch
    Every ticket that comes into Support Mangtaa can be automatically categorized, prioritized and assigned using the Dispatch’r. Bug reports can be sent to the development team and refund tickets to billing, as you wish. Tickets can even be assigned to specific agents based on their expertise.
  • Time Based Actions
    Instead of going through hundreds of tickets to close them individually, you can use the Supervisor to set up rules to handle repetitive routines and maintenance tasks. So, at the end of the day, Freshdesk will clean up for you and make sure that everything works just as it should.
  • Event Triggered Actions
    The Observer looks for specific events in your desk and follows them up with any action that you define for that trigger. For example, you can set up a rule to automatically reopen a ticket if a customer replies to it. It’s like having a personal sidekick who has your back, round the clock.

Knowledge Base

With Support Mangtaa, you can help your customers get instant answers by creating a knowledge base that is available whenever they need it. Share your technical documentation, product tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and other tips in a single convenient place. By setting up a knowledge base, not only will you be able to improve customer satisfaction, but you can also reduce your ticket volume.

In addition, when customers do create a ticket, Support Mangtaa will also automatically display likely solutions right next to the ticket form, further improving the resolution time and reducing the number of tickets.

Community Forums

Enable your customers to help each other by providing a forum for them to communicate with each other to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other. You can also gather critical feedback on what your customers like and dislike, what they'd like you to add and what they'd like you to change from community forums. And if a critical issue or idea is raised in the community, you can convert the post into a ticket and get your team to work on it right away.

Your forums are open to both your customers and your agents. So your team can also engage in discussions and moderate them to make sure your community remains spam free.

Easily customize the look, feel and functionality of your portal

  • Colors and fonts
    Make your support portal feel like an extension of your website by easily by matching your website’s colors and fonts.
  • CSS
    Hide elements that you don’t require or change the way they look by overriding the default styles with your own custom CSS.
  • Layout
    Completely customize every bit of your support portal using HTML, Javascript and Liquid Templating to get a makeover within minutes.

Multi-product support

Support Mangtaa enables you to easily support an unlimited number of products from a single help desk. All your tickets can flow into the same helpdesk and get categorized and assigned to specific agents or teams, with ease. You can even customize specific assignment rules, different email notifications, SLAs etc. for each product.

You can also control what your customers see from the outside. Each of your products can have their own support portal with a dedicated knowledge base and community forum. You can even customize the portals to reflect your company’s different brands.

Multiple SLA Policies

Support Mangtaa helps you set up multiple SLA policies, and helps you meet your deadlines for every ticket. Based on your requirements, you can assign different SLAs for every product, department, or company that your helpdesk supports and make sure your priorities and due by times are tracked.

You can also choose to automatically send out escalation emails when one of your SLAs is violated. For example, tickets coming through Twitter could get escalated more quickly because customers expect much faster response times over social media.

Custom SSL certificates

Every Support Mangtaa account comes with a wildcard SSL certificate that gets enabled automatically,

for your default support URL, when you sign up. If you prefer to use your custom domain or a vanity URL for your portal, you can make it secure by using an SSL certificate.

To make it easy, you can request an SSL certificate and have us enable it for your portal for you.

Single sign on with your own credentials

If you already have a way to authenticate users inside your organization, you can set up a single sign on script to work with Support Mangtaa and use the same credentials to access your support portal. With single sign on, your internal users can access your helpdesk easily, without having to set up new accounts or re-enter their passwords every single time.

Single sign on can also be enabled to work with internal databases like ActiveDirectory or any custom validation mechanism of your choice. You can also choose to let your agents and customers login with their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Track customer satisfaction with surveys

Integrate satisfaction surveys into your support conversations and measure how happy your customers are with your support. Support Mangtaa helps you collect feedback directly from your requesters with every ticket you resolve and ties the feedback to your agents’ performance. You can choose to send the survey out when you want, and even send escalation emails to supervisors when somebody receives a bad rating.

Satisfaction surveys not only help you understand how well your team is supporting customers, and figure out who’s doing a good job and who needs some coaching, but it also provides a way for customers to share their ideas and suggestions with you.


  • At A Glance reports
    At A Glance reports help you stay on top of important customer support metrics like first response time, resolution time and SLA violations for your entire help desk or specific agents. Get a quick view of the most critical data all in one report.
  • Summary reports
    Get a summary of tickets handled by every agent or group over the last month. You can also measure time spent on tickets by looking at time entries in the Time Sheet report, and find out how happy your customers are from the Customer Satisfaction report.
  • Load Analysis
    Don’t stop with just analyzing the general trend of tickets coming into your helpdesk. Find out exactly how they are responded to, and whether they are resolved on time. And while you're at it, keep tabs on response accuracy and number of interactions as well.

Native Integrations

Support Mangtaa includes out-of-the-box integrations with many popular business applications like CRM systems, invoicing tools, and eCommerce solutions, among others. So, if you want to connect your helpdesk with another app your team is using, all you have to do is check our list. The integration is probably on it already.

Support Mangtaa is also the only helpdesk that is tightly integrated with Google Apps including Analytics, Contacts, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, and Gmail. These integrations enable a slew of additional capabilities including the ability to schedule customer calls, attach large files to tickets, and much more.


Don’t see a native integration that fits your needs? No problem. Create your own FreshPlug to bring critical information from third party apps into your ticket details and contact pages. With FreshPlugs, you can use HTML, CSS and Javascript to add whatever custom integrations you need.

We also encourage our customers to share their custom integrations in the FreshPlug Gallery. So, before you roll up your sleeves and start developing, make sure you check there first. And if you do end up finding a solution to your problem, you can go ahead and use it at no extra cost.


Some companies have some specific custom requirements to support their businesses. If you need custom development on top of Freshdesk, our RESTful API could be the perfect way for you to set up specific business workflows and extensive integrations. You can use your account’s API key to read information from your tickets and contacts or trigger actions in your helpdesk from any third-party source. If you know your way around API requests, the possibilities are endless.

If you get stuck somewhere, all you have to do is shoot us an email. Our API developers will be more than happy to jump in and help you figure out a solution.

Ticket Solutions

Support Mangtaa truly believes in the fact that eliminating guess work and that’s the very reason for us to come up with a unique and separate knowledge base. This is the definitive source for accepted solutions and workarounds.

Now using the knowledge the solution will be delivered accurately and quick thereby reducing the time taken for ticket solutions.

Online Solutions

With support mangtaa, even your end users can find solutions online and help themselves.
That way, customers are happy that their answers are resolved, and Scott can focus on beaming you to the right planets. You can even have your team create knowledge on the fly, even as they are resolving tickets.

Access Rights

Support Mangtaa provides its users and their customers an open platform where in customers, agents and evangelists go to discuss about issues, solutions and ideas about your product.

With support Mangtaa u can create internal or public forums where you directly engage with your user community. You can even provide specialized access rights to let only certain customers view specific parts of your forums.

Customers and clients can use the benefit of the rich text formatting to highlight the key point.

Rebrand your portal to reflect your theme

Support Mangtaa allows you to create a seamless user experience by easily customizing your help desk to match your brand's look and feel. It allows:

Control the logo and color scheme to match your company's branding without the need for technical expertise.

Simplifying Customer Access

We beat all your customers have a handful of login ID’s then why creating them more? Customize the design of your Support Mangtaa with full control of the style sheets (CSS). Choose your support URL and email address so that it matches your own domain (support@yourcompany.com).