Efficient Service Capabilities

Support Mangtaa allows its customers with a multichannel communication option so that they can reach out to you whenever they want, however they want, and create a ticket from any channel.

Time Tracking

Support Mangtaa tracks every single second spent by the agent on the platform including ticket duration (open to close) and time spent on customer handling.

Comprehensive Customer Profiling

Customer’s details, contact information, incident details, status, and solutions are integrated into a single interface.

Noticeable Call Reduction

Support Mangtaa provides a customer self-service knowledgebase access, ticket submission, and support through forums and communities.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications

Escalations, critical issues, and deadlines alert to agents automatically.

No Techno Geek Needed

Allows the user with a easy to use-customizable screens, reports, notifications, and more.

Proves Effective During Audit Trails

Everything that happens to a ticket gets logged from end to end. Whether it is a business rule, a comment, a status change, a reassignment – you have a complete audit trail for future reference.